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Investments in real estate property in Pattaya.

Thailand is considered as a very attractive destination for foreign investments nowadays. According to the official information the foreign investment value into Thailand economy was about $118 billion in 2012. This has happened because of the following factors:

  • Thailand economy is on the rise at present and it has many productive industrial segments (car manufacturing, electronics, chemistry and petroleum chemistry, jewelry production, food industry);
  • the inflation doesn`t exceed the level of European Union countries and gross domestic product is permanently growing;
  • it is very important for many investors that the repatriation of the capital, interests and profits is unlimited; there are no limits for the amount of the foreign currency brought to Thailand;
  • the labour cost is low even in comparison to other Asian  countries, but the quality of services and products is high;
  • there is a modern developed infrastructure which is constantly improved and which is considered to be one of the best in Asia.

These factors bring a stable income to many investors  when they lend real estate in Thailand. The investment in property in Pattaya attracts many people. Nowadays it is much cheaper and more profitable than buying the same property in your country or in Europe. Now Pattaya is one of the most dynamic real estate markets in Thailand, especially concerning buying and lending apartment in the future.

There are more options for investment in Thailand immovable property market. It is possible to buy an apartment or a house in a project which is at the stage of construction  or you can buy a  flat from existing homes. Moreover, there are always some interesting special offers in both new buildings and pre-owned market.

Our agency can always offer you several interesting options of investments in new projects which will differ from standard conditions of the builder if you are interested in investments in Pattaya property. If the project is chosen correctly, it can bring you high return: up to 30-45% from deposit for 24-30 months. This is considered as a safe investment in developing real estate market in Pattaya in contrast to the same actions on the past- USSR market.

Renting apartments in Thailand is extremely popular, especially in condominiums. The flats situated on the coastline close to the sea are in great request in Pattaya. Pattaya has a unique geographic feature as the whole city stretches along the sea for 20 km. So, this place has a lot of beautiful areas for construction of residential parks. The developer can offer the investor a profitable partnership. In this case the developer passes the company share points and partners will distribute the income from the investment. This variant is more attractive for investors than building a private project because the majority of the developers are experienced and appreciated on the local market. Nowadays Pattaya appeals to investors as there is the building boom in the city. The situation can be explained by low prices, foreigners-friendly policy of the authorities, stable economy of the country.  

There are right conditions for foreigners to invest in real estate in Thailand. There are at least 5 main reasons which prove that buying apartment is Thailand is profitable:

  • Majority of offers from any price segment;
  • Project-developers are reliable;
  • Low prices for property which rise consistently each year;
  • Wonderful climate and warm sea;
  • Reach infrastructure both in Thailand and Pattaya in particular.

It is very easy to purchase an apartment in Thailand in Pattaya and the whole procedure is legally described. You can buy both a flat in condominium and a house with some private territory. Our specialists will help you to choose the best object with affordable price and to make all the documents.

The flat or villa which are bought now can be sold in 2-3 years for a higher price. Moreover, it is very profitable when tourists rent your apartment. You should remember that there are so many tourists in Pattaya who are searching for accommodation every day. As the hotels have run out of places for the past 5 years, especially at peak season. This option will bring you profit during the whole year, so you will return your invested money. Moreover, you will always have your private apartment or house for amazing relax in Pattaya.

There are two segments of real estate selling in Pattaya in Thailand: readymade secondary housing and projects in construction. It is more profitable to invest at the first stage of construction, especially in condominium flats. In this case the buyer gets interest-free installment payment plan until the end of construction. When the condominium is ready the price of the flat which was bought at the very beginning can rise in 25-30%.

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